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Lean Six Sigma Consultant

Lean Six Sigma is a proven process improvement framework that results in better processing time and quality at a lower cost. This framework maximizes value while eliminating waste and improving process capabilities and focuses on change management and sustainability. Less waste and more speed. Practical and simple. Action-oriented. On paper, the combination of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma looks great. Only a fraction of companies believes they get all those benefits. MITE group dequest Joint venture helps you focus on the highest value activities, overcome obstacles, organize efficiently, align your business processes with your strategy and ensure that all functional elements are working in unison

Why Us

We have expertise in multiple disciplines critical to Lean Six Sigma. Our approach focuses on the areas of greatest value for example, using overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to identify high-potential opportunities. Our consultants know how to navigate effectively at all levels of an organization and bring about the partnerships, synergies and changes that are required for Lean Six Sigma projects to be successful.

MITE GROUP follows the traditional Lean Six sigma framework in out consulting clients. We identify the area in each projects and customizes every project to meet its specific needs and maximize performance improvement. During Define Phase, we will work closely with your team to help developing a customized plan tailored to your specific situation and your organizational culture. We will determine the best approach to achieve your objectives. Through measure phase, we will develop data collection plan to measure the processes and measure deviations from ideal situations. During Analyse phase, we will use Lean Six Sigma methods to identify and prioritize the root causes of your process problems and conduct an efficiency analysis to determine the underlying process issues. In improve phase clients and we collectively identify the new and improved process for achieving the objectives. During this last phase, control mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the benefits from the project are realized